Some insight?

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Some insight?

Unread postby hcrmit » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:32 am

I finished this today, looking for some insight on how someone would have made this better? or maybe furthered it? I'm fairly new to digital illustration. So rendering is still a bit of a foreign concept.

EDIT: I took notice of the over limit image and changed it, my apologies.
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Re: Some insight?

Unread postby kram1art » Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:23 am

First off, I absolutely love the color and mood. I feel you really nailed that. Evening time/sunset colors are my favorite. Really relaxes me and I get that same vibe in this piece.

I think to start off, what is the main focal point of the piece? Is it the grandeur of the architecture? Or the meditating Zenyatta in front of the building?

I think the middle-tone nature of the piece is deceiving and what is causing a bit of the washed-out look I'm getting. Try expanding your use of values to include more darks. I see you used it a bit in the back part of the building, but try using a little bit more to help silhouette things a bit better (Zenyatta, for example, is almost too blended into the building. I had to really look to make out who he was).

I think the best bet would be to decide on a clear focal point, whether it's that particular building, the entire atmosphere (both of which may require a bit more of a zoomed out approach), or the character in his setting (which may require a bit more zoomed in approach).

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