Highly motivated

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Highly motivated

Unread postby Artzytea » Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:23 pm

Hey, completely new too this and sort of new to art. The summer of 2014 i decided i wanted to learn how to draw. Since then i have looked at a bunch of different things. I am not experienced, or that good. What I am is motivated, I am motivated to study, and learn. I draw both digitally and traditionally, painting is not my thing though. I have tried to study anatomy, i have looked at colour theory and perspective. I know you cant get better at everything at once, but i wish someone could give me a little nudge in a direction. This way i would have some sort of line to follow in this huge world of art and things to learn. I really hope some one, of any skill takes a look and can help me get just a little bit better. Thank you so much for reading♥
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Re: Highly motivated

Unread postby finalXIV » Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:01 pm

As someone who is following your same path, I can suggest you some youtube channels that will be very usefull on your art journey :)


I think you should start from this channel. Kienan is an amazing artist that worked for Riot games, he has over 350 videos where he talks about everything in art, from color theory to anatomy, concept art, everything.

It's been a real blast for me, I improved a lot just by looking at his videos. He recently started a series on concept art, where he explains the process behind it.




Sycra, Ahmed and Sinix are 3 other awesome guys that are really good at explaining the art fundamentals and on their channels have a large number of critiques that can help you understand some of your mistakes.

Sinix and Ahmed have a more painterly approach if you like that type of style.


If you want to go hardcore on anatomy, this is the place.


This channel is like the bible for concept art. That knowledge comes directly from a real master that works on really big projects for the game/film industry.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiU1-5 ... C4A/videos

Clint is an artist that works for Wizard of the Coast (Magic the Gathering), he is less known but he is really amazing, especially for his portfolio reviews and his series on the art fundamentals.

He has an old video on the best books for learning and improving in art, if you prefer to read.


And last but not least, Sam itself.

He made a series of lives in collaboration with Adobe when he goes on explaining the fundamentals of drawing: the basic shapes, thinking in 3d, etc.

The videos are long but it's worth it, Sam is a great teacher :P

I can suggest you to try to focus on the art fundamentals, these are:

-Shapes and forms
-Anatomy and proportions
-Color theory
-Observation skills

I hope this can help you; the knowledge to became an amazing artist is all there, and you have the motivation so... :P

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