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Which social media platform is the best for fantasy/game art posts?

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 3:05 pm
by ZellyInk
Hi Everyone,

TL:DR QUESTIONS: Where do you go to find inspiration? Which social media platforms have you gone to and were able to connect with other artists through your posts?

A few friends have been giving me the feedback that instagram is not the right place for me to post my artwork. At the moment, that's pretty much my go-to place, for no other reasons than the app exists on my phone, it's easy to use, and I get to see a lot of cool artwork from other people on there.

One friend has told me that twitter has a good art scene, and that I should try being active there...Twitter does seem like a good place to be able to interact more with others... I haven't really be getting that "interaction" feel with instagram.

Another friend says I should just try the lot of them (FB, insta, twitter, reddit, etc), and not worry about being spammy since most people have only 1 or 2 preferred social media places to visit. While this may be true, it feels like a messy approach, and not the most feasible.

Another had some interesting words of wisdom:
Quote " I think your first question is who do you want to see your art/ where do you think it will have the greatest appreciation. Rather than taking a shotgun approach, it should first target customers that are more likely to be advocates for your work." This advice speaks to me the most, but is also a source of a lot of confusion. I suppose I idealize my target audience as other artists and students of art, who like me, enjoy browsing for inspiration/direction and enjoy seeing the possibilities. But is there really a simple place where this very very broad base of people go?

Also, I'm not entirely sure I have the confidence to be able to market myself effectively, especially since I'm primarily just focusing on self-learning and posting to document my progress as an artist; not so much to sell any work. I feel like I'm in that awkward phase of kind-of having my own style, but not yet being polished or experienced enough to really be a professional. And by "professional," I don't mean my goal is to work in the art industry, rather I'd like to be able to produce work that are well-rounded and... well... have a professional feel to them.

Sorry for the lengthy and rambling post. I just spent almost a year as a part-time student for Graphic Design, and have decided this summer not to return to the program. Namely, I was not able to find any time to draw or work on technical skills, and ended up feeling pretty dejected and fearing that I had wasted too much time not learning the things I wanted to learn... So now I'm returning to what I love to do, and am trying to find a way forward off the beaten path.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Re: Which social media platform is the best for fantasy/game art posts?

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:00 am
by sampetersonart
Hey Zelly!

I think put simply, the more places you post, the more people are going to see your work and the bigger reach you'll have. You basically want to put your work anywhere and everywhere people may look for art. Of course this can be really time consuming, so it may be best to try out all the social media platforms and see which ones you feel are worth sticking with.

I'm no expert as I try not to be on social media too much, but Instagram definitely seems like a big and popular place for art, or really just a big social media platform in general. Definitely worth being on IMO. I dislike some things about Instagram, but it's great for art because it's all about the art, since it's only images. Twitter is a bit more geared towards discussions, but there's also a lot of drama/politics/non art related stuff that comes with that site. So it really just depends what you're looking for. A lot of people use Facebook too but I haven't used it for years. May be be worth checking out again.

My point is I wouldn't overthink it. Post anywhere that might be worth your while (Instagram, Twitter, Art Station, Deviantart, Facebook, Reddit, Polycount, etc) to try them out, and stick with the ones you like the most or are giving you the best results.

Re: Which social media platform is the best for fantasy/game art posts?

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:07 pm
by ZellyInk
Thanks Sam!

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to just spend some more time posting to a bunch of places for a few months, and gauging what works best for my art. I'm starting to notice that since I'm not a professional artist, sharing is pretty important for helping me stay motivated. After I produce some more work, I'll start a sketchbook or Portfolio thread here in The Art Posse too ;)