Portfolio Building Challenge

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Portfolio Building Challenge

Unread postby sampetersonart » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:50 am


This is an ongoing add-on challenge to the TAP challenges for those of you interested in focusing on using the TAP challenges to build a portfolio geared towards concept art for film and games. There is no set end time for this special event, and will depend on your personal goals.

The goal is to approach the TAP challenges with more of a focus on design, various iterations, and more emphasis on the idea phase of the paintings. I will list just a couple examples of what I feel are solid concept artist portfolios in case anyone needs a better idea. I chose these because I feel like they focused more of the design and various iterations as opposed to being more focused on illustration and a polished painting.

http://howtonotsuckatgamedesign.com/201 ... ncept-art/ (relevant article on what we're aiming for more or less)

http://autodestructdigital.blogspot.com ... iders%20II
http://conceptartworld.com/news/halo-4- ... -richards/
http://2p.com/6304515_1/Monster-Hunter- ... ichole.htm
http://conceptartworld.com/news/defianc ... danny-pak/
What I want you to do is create a general idea for a fictional IP. Think of a general backstory. If this is an idea for a game or film, what would it be about? What type of world or area does it take place in? What is the personality or backstory of the characters? Figure out enough of an idea that you can create concepts for it and at least have a general target to aim for in terms of what you're trying to achieve in your designs. Also ask yourself:
-Sci fi, fantasy, or other?
-What do I want to cover in my portfolio? Characters, creatures, environments, vehicles, props and any miscellaneous concepts? etc.
-How many concepts for each category and how many do I want overall?
-Given how many concepts I want to produce for this idea, and how often I aim to finish one, what is the timeline for this overall project? Set a deadline(s) to keep on track.

The challenge for everyone who wants to join is to make a goal for how many pieces you want to produce for the IP, and a general timeline for doing so. Whether that's 1 piece for each TAP challenge, 2 pieces, or more. For example, if the current TAP challenge is a character challenge you can use that to work on your character concepts and set a goal for how many you'd like to complete based on your time, skill, and goals.

Feel free to make a post in this thread if you are joining to let people know who you are and what your goals are. You can then edit that post and add work to it as you complete it.

I will be making a post down below as well, and it can act as an example if any of you are unsure about the instructions and description of the challenge.
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Re: Portfolio Building Challenge

Unread postby sampetersonart » Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:14 pm

Hey guys!

So I'm joining this challenge because I've always been so focused on doodles and more rendered paintings with not enough intentional design work in my portfolio. Currently I feel like my portfolio isn't very geared towards concept art and I think now is a good time to fix that.

My goals are to create two IPs. One sci fi (a bit more realistic in style) and one fantasy (a bit more stylized) and do a handful of concepts for both. Currently I'm thinking:

Fantasy IP:
-2 characters
-3 creatures
-4 thumbnail environments
-1 building concept
-1 promo illustration

Sci Fi IP:
-2 characters
-3 creatures
-1 mech (maybe 1 vehicle too?)
-4 thumbnail environments
-Alien plant concepts
-1 promo illustration

I plan to begin one IP first before starting the second one, and I anticipate it taking roughly 3 months to complete everything if I do about 2 finished concepts a week. This is my current idea, but changes may be made.

Will post WIPs down below as it develops.
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Re: Portfolio Building Challenge

Unread postby psaad_s » Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:20 pm

Hi everyone HeyGuys ,

Im joining this challenge since i need to create an concept design portfolio for my work experience at an company and propably going to focus on character design, creature design and buildings ! tapHYPE tapHYPE
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Re: Portfolio Building Challenge

Unread postby MurdokX » Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:26 pm

hi guys!
I'm joining because i'm an addict. and also im building a world so more comprehensive studies of my illustrations i been doing, hope you enjoy! tapHYPE tapHYPE

Project: Kit The Red Rabbit (Villains)

In the world of Kit, The villains/Evil doers are represented by the 'MX' markings somewhere on their bodies, the main villian of the story, an omnipresent creator 'supposedly' created Kit.

'Beast Master X '
Timelapse - https://youtu.be/8U31x7zO1Ro
Wanted to have a tribal and savagery while keeping some whimsical elements. Took inspiration from executioner design from history.
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Re: Portfolio Building Challenge

Unread postby harkinsart » Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:26 pm

* 4/17/17 Update

Probably won't update this post super frequently but will try to post progress on my instagram as much as possible going forward. Here: https://www.instagram.com/harkinsart/

Here's the newest concept I'm trying to flesh out. Dwarves that are closely tied to nature, partially made of plants, stone and fungus.
Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.48.44 PM.png
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* 1/26/17 Update

I decided I want to build this out as though I'm making an MMORPG Kickstarter. If I have the time I think it would be cool to design the marketing materials like the box art, so I'm adding those as bonuses.

Bill's MMORPG Fantasy IP project goals:
Due: December 31st 2017

Concept art assets:
• (3) Creature concepts.
• (3) Character concepts.
• (3) Environments.
• Visual development for each faction. A banner/icon and maybe some props or architecture.

Bonus assets:
• IP Logo, website design, box package mock up and other branding materials


Just planting a flag of intent here. I'm new to these forums so quick intro: My name is Bill and I'm a designer by profession, but I love drawing goblins on the side. I've always been interested in concept art and might start moving in that direction career wise.

The stars aligned a bit on this challenge for me. I just joined these forums when I heard about this challenge on Sam's Twitch channel and have also just recently started building out a world for concept art practice. One thing that always seems to be missing when you're working on a personal project is a sense of community and good feedback, so I'm glad to be here.

I don't want to set any hard time limits. Possibly just having a good body of work by the end of 2017. I have a full time job and generally work 50+ hrs a week so time is an obstacle.

Anyway, here is my first concept I really fleshed out, and much more to go, but I want to get the ball rolling.

Project Nox

Dark Elves
All of the races in my world have a simple animal ancestor, in this case, they are based on Ravens. Future concepts for other elves: Elves (Hawks), High Elves (Eagles), and maybe a more mysterious one based on owls. I definitely had huge inspiration from the EverQuest Dark Elves. The color palette is black, purple and gold for the nobility in the Dark Elf city (which I'm also working on).

Couple of notes on this first image:
• A major theme in my world is being able to create 3 distinct archetypes in each culture, so basically if you're familiar with RPGs at all, you'll know Rogue, Warrior and Mage. I have some symbols and icons I'm building out for this too. Here you'll see a Knight, Assassin and Wizard.
• Elves in this world lay eggs and most of the reproduction is based on that of a bird. (So no the females don't have boobs).

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Re: Portfolio Building Challenge

Unread postby SaberlinSLA » Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:11 pm

Fantasy IP:
-2 characters
-3 creatures
-Tramers Cat
-4 thumbnail environments
-castle hall
-hillside where castle is set into
-forest of surrounding area
-1 building concept
-Tower of Knowledge
-1 promo illustration
-Tie it all together

Sci Fi IP:
-2 characters
-3 creatures
Havey Mech
-1 mech (maybe 1 vehicle too?)
revise and update from prior sketches. Actually complete for portfolio renderings.
-4 thumbnail environments
-zoomed out
-on the bridge of the ship in the sky above it all.
-Alien plant concepts
-sleethin devourer
-1 promo illustration
tie it all together
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Re: Portfolio Building Challenge

Unread postby LegionBrewer » Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:45 pm

I will do my best to be consistent with this. I've been working off and on with an idea I had a short time ago. Its basically a re-imagining of different mythologies, except at some point the pantheons become corrupted and twisted.
For the challenge I want to build a character design/illustration portfolio. I would like to have the following done in the next 6 months. 3 characters, each with 2 corrupted versions (to show a bit of progression), 3 environments or dwellings of the characters,
3 realistic portraits,and 3 full illustrations. So, I would have to have 3 things finished each month, though it might be a little slow going through Feb. I'll try to incorporate the portfolio work with other things, like the bi-weekly challenges here if possible.
I've been working on the beast master challenge, and am tying that into the portfolio. I'll include some of the past work I did with the IP, though I'll be redesigning most of what I've already done.
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Re: Portfolio Building Challenge

Unread postby psaads » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:24 pm

Hi HeyGuys

had to create a new account NotLikeThis so im going to continue my portfolio here (psaad_s)
A new character i created, Samilla.
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